Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good bye Again, Good Bye!

Anybody know where that quote is from? My very favorite book: Go Dog Go.

Today I'm just jumping by to say a sad "farewell". My Ma has decided that I'm no longer allowed to have my very own blog because she doesn't have the time to help me with it anymore. I'm a little sad about that, and am still keeping my paws crossed that the time will come again for me to be back live here on Pooch Tales. But in the meantime, she told me I could write on hers every so often - and I'm excited about making new furiends over there! In fact, I just did my introductory post today, and so if you'd like to stop in for a visit at my new digs, just click HERE!

The official homepage where I will become a new guest writer is: Vignettes. I hope you'll all still be my friends and stop by with a wag and a lick every now and then! I'll miss you!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Story

Once upon a day, I was just trotting around enjoying my morning routine: wake up, walk, breakfast, bath, play time with Carol, Bichon Blitz, and then it was time for my after-blitz sun soak. So off to Ma's bedroom I head, when what do I behold!? Her Majesty, the Queen, asleep in my favorite napping cushion. Grrr...I've told her about that. She knows I get dibs in the mornings, but there she was - big as life nonetheless.
The nerve of THAT CAT!
Maybe I'll try tattling to get her in trouble:
"Ma! Auti's in my bed again! Make her get out!"
Then here comes trouble:
Caroline: "Oh look! A cat! Don't worry Chester, I'll get her out for ya"

Care: "Um...on second thought...I think we need a better plan..."

To be continued...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Operation GIAEWP Part 3

Ma gives me the training ring for the first time
Ok, so I've been getting my wedding groove on lately - you all know that. Some of you have suggested that I should be the ring bearer, so I thought I'd audition for that position - what the heck? I'm hoping for "Best Dog", but it's always good to have a fall back. I mean, I am 3...isn't that a little old for a ring bearer? Anyway... again, I enlisted Ma's help, and she made me this great "training ring" so I could practice (she said they get smaller and smaller as I improve). Here's how it's been going so far:

Oh rats! I dropped it!
K, think I got it now. Gotta be careful with something so small!

Hmmm...tastes kinda good. Oh sorry! Right Ma, FOCUS!

Trying out the hand off (when I give the ring to the minister)

So whadya think Auntie Em?
I'm practicing real hard, and getting better everyday! I've got let's see...10 days to get it perfect, yup, I got this. Hope I get the job!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunny Days, Keeping the Clouds Away...

Caroline and I have a favorite outside place here at Windy Poplars. It's actually the same as Ma's: under the ironwood tree. We have a swing bed set up there, and when it's lovely, Ma will take her work (and us...or maybe she calls us her work too...hmmm...) outside and we'll all have a wonderfully relaxing swing in the fresh air. We usually bring a bonie or two with us and have a good outdoor chew while we're at it.
Here we are on the swing bed with ma chewing on our bonies

Carol jumped off to potty, and is enjoying some time looking at the brook.

Here I am burying my bonie under Ma so Caroline can't find it when she comes back!

Then we got down for a romp around the yard (which is starting to get GREEN!)

Still romping...

Then Ma called us back, and here's me being perfect back on the swing, and there's Carolou being bad and running the other way (and Pa had to go get her) heh,heh she got in the big trouble for that one (i.e. Pa made her go inside)!

Do you have a favorite place to hang out at your house when it gets warm outside?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Operation GIAEWP Part 2

Hello {{echo}} hello hello... Is anybody out there out there out there??? I know, I've been such a bad bloggy pooch lately. Life's just been busy, Ma's been preoccupied and hasn't taken too many pics of me (despite my constant nagging). But, she has come to her senses, apologized, we kissed and made up (well, I licked and made up), and we're back on bloggy track now. Have you missed me?!

Today is part 2 in my Operation Get Into Auntie Em's Wedding Party (GIAEWP for short). Although I may have to change it to: GIACWP because I've had to start calling Auntie Em, Auntie Clotty because she went and got herself some blood clots A MONTH BEFORE HER WEDDING! How incredibly inconvenient. I would've waited until after my wedding to get some (just sayin'). Anyway, I've been visiting her as often as I can, like any good neph-pup should, and I'll sit on the bed and snuggle with her for awhile to help her feel better. I know. I'm a giver.

But, the wedding will go on - clots or  not clots! SO, thought I'd better start brushing up on my dancing skills since the wedding party always does a special dance with the bride and groom. I asked Ma to help me (since she's a dancer), and we've had a few productive lessons. I actually think my form is getting pretty good!
In the above pic I'm in natural ballroom hold. Then, the pic below, I think, really shows my excellent frame (it's important for the boy to have a good frame and posture Ma says).
So, Auntie Clotty...are you  ready for a furry addition to your wedding party yet???

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Doggy Bed

I just love my doggy bed! Do you have one?  I'll squeeze my way into it, no matter where it ends up!
Even when Ma smooshes it between the buffet and Caroline's pen! Where there's a will there's a way!
There! See? Plenty of room! Ahhh...bed sweet bed!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011