Friday, October 29, 2010

Caroline's Cathedral

Hello furiends,
     Thanks for stopping by! Today I'm going to present evidence #62 in the case of  "Ma and Pa Love Caroline Better Than Me".
     First, allow me to show you what Caroline came to us in:
Just a little travel case, airplane style. Small, with small visibility windows, and a low door that she had to stoop to get through.- She stayed in that little crate for a few days, and then, what do you think ma came home from the store with??? THIS:

I'm standing next to these so you can get a scope of the size. It's HUGE! Like a cathedral! 360 degree view, double lever latch, extended ceilings, detachable divider. I'm quite jealous. I even heard Aunt Amy (when she saw it for the first time) say that she should hang a chandelier in it! What??? Super jealous. My little house is an old gray model with limited views, regular ceiling heights and a broken door. What gives?

Sometimes I like to squish myself inside and take a nap in there just to make Caroline she knows how it feels...

Pouting in the corner, --Chester

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Caroline Edition

 "Ma! Chester's sniffing my butt! Again."
(geesh, you'd think he would know who I am by now...)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Who Are You Calling a Hippopotamus???!

Remember when I told you last week that I was going for a car trip? Well, turns out it wasn't for our usual walk at the park. I don't get my hair fluffed for that-I should've been suspicious. Ma got us all ready and loaded up, and after she had closed the door, she decided to tell us where she was taking us. To the dreaded vvv..., vvvvv..., vvvvvettttt. There I said it! I had a bit of a traumatic experience the last time I was there (let me just do my public duty and remind you to get your anal glands expressed regularly so you don't have to go through what I did - seriously still recovering people). So, I was none too happy to be back. But, ma assured me that we were there for Caroline's shots and not mine, so that helped me relax a little.

SO, C gets her business taken care of, and then as we're leaving, I hear ma say, "Would you mind putting Chester on the scale? I fear he's been gaining weight. He's starting to look a bit like a hippopotamus." EXCUSE ME??? WHO are you calling a hippopotamus?? Just look at this long, lean studliness:
 I was quite offended. But onto the scale I went, and as I could've told ma, I hadn't gained an ounce. It's just that when you compare me to little pipsqueak here... Well, I have to say I was a little relieved. Truth be told, after ma said that, I had been a little concerned about all the cheese I had been eating lately...thankfully, ma has since switched us over to cheerios, so we don't have to worry so much about become a couple of fatty boom-a-latties.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Buddy...

Have I told  you about my pup-cuz before? His name is Monte, and he is my very best friend. He's a lot bigger and a little older than me, and he belongs to my ma's sister. We always have fun when we get to visit each other. Ma says we lick each other too much for boys (as in we're both usually soaking wet when we're done), we like to play, run around, and go for walks. Caroline is still afraid of him--he IS a little hyper sometimes! Here we are just havin' fun:
I've always wondered (but I haven't said anything to him...I don't want to hurt his feelings), but don't you think he looks like he's part deer? Is that even possible??

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All Ready!

For my beauty handsome sleep! 
 Ma! Why do you keep bothering me when I'm trying to snooze?!
 As you can see, I'm an advocate for canine modesty...

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Hello Furiends! Thanks so much for stopping by today.- It was great meeting many of you over the weekend! Did you know that if you link an e-mail address to your profile (and click "show e-mail address") that I can respond to you and your comments via e-mail? Well I can! And I'd love to, but most of you have no e-mail address linked to your profile. :-( So I haven't been able to comment back...*drooping tale* and get your humans to fix that little problem tickety boo and all will be well!

Now onto my post for the day: I don't know about where you live, but where I live it's getting PERFECT outside (or puuurrrrfect - as The Queen says). Perfect for walking, for sniffing, for taking a really long time to go potty so I can stay out longer to enjoy the fresh air! It's great. Plus I'm a little cabin-feverish these days because ma hasn't let me out much for fun this summer because of the fwees (ma calls fleas "fwees" because she says it makes them sound cuter instead of the wretched awfulness that they are). She said it's been a really bad fwee year, and she got tired of me coming in with some when I would have a blitz around the no yard blitzing for me for months. It's been ruff...

BUT, (light at the end of the tunnel), ma's been letting us out with her a bit more lately. Not to blitz around the yard yet, but the other day we spent the afternoon down on the swing bed under the Ironwood with her, and we had  blast! So much to smell, and neighbor dogs to bark at. We mostly fought over each others bonies though. I like Caroline's and she likes mine - I don't know why ma doesn't just "get it" and switch in the first place!

So where is your favorite place to hang out in your yard??

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Queen

Hello to all my new friends! Thanks for coming to visit yesterday (and thanks for the warning about Puddles...I think :-))!

Some of you realized that I mentioned having TWO sisters. How very observant of you! I used to have three, but one just moved to another home with no I'm down to two. But I heard ma say that if Caroline doesn't get her housebreaking act together, I might be down to ONE! This house is shrinking by the minute! By the by, as much as I might complain about Caroline, I really do love her, so if you have any potty training tips for ma (for a stubborn dog who hasn't made any progress in 3 weeks), please leave them here.

Anyway. Back to my sister #2. I call her "The Queen" (she makes me):
Her name is actually Autumn Joy. She has lived with ma and pa since way before I was born, and she was already set up as "Supreme Ruler of the House" when I arrived. She's a little snobby (as seen in the above photo), but she does play with me sometimes, which is fun. Sometimes though, she'll just walk up to where I am and punch me in the face. And I don't think that is very nice. Do you? -

One day, I woke up, and what do you think I saw??? THIS:
Are those ears I see poking up from MY doggie bed?
Oh my goodness, yes they are! The nerve. Get your own bed! Oh wait. I guess she DOES have her own bed. And I guess I (might) sleep in it sometimes. Ok. We're even.
Here she is sharing the coveted top of the couch with me.
And here we are all snuggled in for an afternoon nap on the top of my favorite overstuffed chair. Ma woke us up for the picture.

Well, I'd better go get my hair fluffed for our morning car trip...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


One thing I love about Fall is snuggling all up on the couch pillows (after I've properly fluffed them), burrowing into a soft throw, and taking a snooze.

Monday, October 11, 2010

In Training

For some reason, ma thought that I needed to go into training with Caroline. Even though I already know this stuff. Booorrrriiinnngggg. But I do it. Because it means I get cheese. I'll do pretty much anything for cheese.
Here we are sitting (and  looking like aliens):
Here we are laying down (and looking like aliens):
Here we are in our doggy bed (and I'm looking uhhh...drunk):
Here we are getting distracted (because pa just got home):
And here we are having enough of training. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sweet, ba, ba...

Bonjour! (Sometimes I speak French by the way. 'Cuz I'm a Bichon) Today I thought I'd tell you a bit about this little pipsqueak that's been running around my house lately. Ma says she's my new sister, so I guess that means she's here to stay. Not sure how I feel about that just yet. She's cute and everything, but she gets waaayyyyy too much attention from ma and pa, and she takes waaayyyyyyy too long to sit when I've been sitting to go outside for, like, hours, and ma makes me wait for her to get her little booty on the ground before we can go anywhere. Not to mention, she has been seriously disturbing my beauty sleep. Ahem. Make that my "handsome" sleep. She whines all night, and I toss and turn trying to catch some zzzzs and then I wake up looking like this after a such rough night:
Seriously people. Rough.
But I have to say, it IS nice to have somebody who will play with me for a long time whenever I want. Plus, since she's being trained right now, ma's got LOTS of treats in the house - and if I'm good, I get some too. So there is an upside.
I really AM trying to be a good big brother. Pa gave me a long talk about all that. Sometimes I forget. But when it's nap time, I do let her sleep on my tummy if she promises not to snore or drool!
So here she is: Miss Caroline.

Not very Bichon-ly if you ask me! She needs a perm! But she's my sister now, so I guess I'm supposed to love her just the way she is. Or something...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finding My Family...

Once upon a time, I was a wee little pooch having a bad fur day life. I looked a little like this:
I had a sister, and we had been turned out onto the streets because nobody wanted us. Our fur was full of briers, our bellies were scratched and bruised, and we were sad and afraid. Then one day, my ma saw on that I had been rescued and was looking for a loving, patient home.  She called up our foster mom right away and talked pa into driving out in the ice on a cold February day to come visit me. I lived a whole state away too (she must've just known)! Here I am meeting my pa for the first time:
I liked him!
Even though they couldn't take my sister, they told me that I would have some other furry sisters waiting for me at home! So they gave me a nice cozy bed (I'd never had anything like that before!), and a little stuffie to sleep with so I wouldn't miss my sister too much, and we set off on the 4 hour drive home.
That was 2 1/2 years ago, and now I live a happy, contented, comfortable, posh life! I'm so glad I was adopted! Please won't you consider adopting a pet from a rescue group? Many breeds (like mine) even have rescue groups specific to their breed. So many pets out there are sad, lonely, and looking for a good you have room in your hearts for one?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to Pooch Tales!

Hello! My name is Chester, and I'm a 3 year old Bichon Frise with a spring in my step and a general love for life, but I do have an occasional penchant for complaining and stubbornness-just depends on what side of the crate I wake up on. I love to snuggle with my ma, and pin pa to the ground to lick him to death when he plays with me. I'm afraid of the rain. I get real excited about cheese and bonies, and enjoy learning lots of tricks to perform for anyone who will watch. Getting my nails cut puts me into cardiac arrest. Most people think I'm a girl because I'm white and fluffy, but I say it takes a confident male to pull off my look with pride! I know I'm adorable.

So, this is my brand new blog. Welcome! I've been begging ma for one for ages because she wouldn't let me write on hers. But she said I had to wait until I was 3. So my birthday was finally last month, and now at long last, here I am world! I'm going to be the regular pooch on here waxing eloquent, but you may also occasionally hear from one of my sisters and perhaps even a few guest posters if you're lucky!

I hope you'll enjoy stopping by often and reading a little about life from a little white fluffy dog's perspective - here at Pooch Tales.