Friday, October 15, 2010

The Queen

Hello to all my new friends! Thanks for coming to visit yesterday (and thanks for the warning about Puddles...I think :-))!

Some of you realized that I mentioned having TWO sisters. How very observant of you! I used to have three, but one just moved to another home with no I'm down to two. But I heard ma say that if Caroline doesn't get her housebreaking act together, I might be down to ONE! This house is shrinking by the minute! By the by, as much as I might complain about Caroline, I really do love her, so if you have any potty training tips for ma (for a stubborn dog who hasn't made any progress in 3 weeks), please leave them here.

Anyway. Back to my sister #2. I call her "The Queen" (she makes me):
Her name is actually Autumn Joy. She has lived with ma and pa since way before I was born, and she was already set up as "Supreme Ruler of the House" when I arrived. She's a little snobby (as seen in the above photo), but she does play with me sometimes, which is fun. Sometimes though, she'll just walk up to where I am and punch me in the face. And I don't think that is very nice. Do you? -

One day, I woke up, and what do you think I saw??? THIS:
Are those ears I see poking up from MY doggie bed?
Oh my goodness, yes they are! The nerve. Get your own bed! Oh wait. I guess she DOES have her own bed. And I guess I (might) sleep in it sometimes. Ok. We're even.
Here she is sharing the coveted top of the couch with me.
And here we are all snuggled in for an afternoon nap on the top of my favorite overstuffed chair. Ma woke us up for the picture.

Well, I'd better go get my hair fluffed for our morning car trip...



Remington said...

Hi Remington here! Great blog! I am going to start following not in the living room, just in Blogland! I hope we can be great friends! Have a fun filled weekend!

Sam and Pippen said...

You are a brave, brave doggie to live with a kitteh sister! We used to have one but she was CRAZEE! So mom found her a new home... but we still have a kitteh brother and for the most part he's okay.

Sam and Pippen

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi new friend,
We came over from Rocky Creek Scotties, saw you were looking for friends in blogland. So here we are!! We love new friends too. I am a big animal lover and my blog is mostly about that!!! We have a boss cat too that is very old. Then my rescued dog Bambi, who is old too.
Come read a few blogs of ours and we will be good friends!!
Xo, Bambi & Fern

Oskar said...

Hi friend! Thanks for joining Pet Blogs United! I live with 2 cats who slap me in the nose for NO reason too. And they also think that they can sleep on my things.

I'm going to nose around and check out your blog a little more!

Nubbin wiggles,

George the Lad said...

LOL!! Grans cat does that to me. Sorry I carn't give your mom any potty training tips, I have to say I was pretty good!!
Nice to see you have some more followers, others will soon sniff you out!!
See Yea George xxx

Aksharaa said...

Hey Chester,
glad to meet u. Our friend Lola sent us here.
u certainly are having very busy days. Best of luck on that potty training. we hope your family doesn't shrink any further because it is much more fun to have a brothet or a sister around.
hav a great weekend,
wags, Buddy n Ginger

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We think that maybe Autumn Joy really does like you. She seems to like to be wherever you are:)

We don't have any suggestions for your sister other than practicing the NILIF program, Nothing In Life Is Free - she has to stay on a leash all the time in the house connected to Mom. When Ciara came to live with us, Mom took her out at least once an hour on a leash and as soon as Ciara went potty, she got lots of praise, maybe a treat, and then right back inside. Takes time and patience. Good luck.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Honeygo Beasley said...

Hahahah, Chester - that last shot of you ... you look kind of "pissed." Well, hope you had a good day and were all fluffed up for the car trip. I bet you looked dashing.

Have a nice weekend!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Saying hello n welcome to doggie blogging. Looking forward to be blog friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Maggie Mae said...


I only has kitteh cuzins, but I likes dem lots!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

The Airechicks said...

Hello Chester & Caroline & Autumn Joy:

We were at George's and thought we'd swing by and say "Hey" - Welcome and can't wait the read about your adventures..


Anonymous said...

Arr there new Matey, I be pleased to meet you, George suggested we all drop by so here I be. I has no kittehs in my house and I not sure if I would like any but I neva say neva

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I like khats- - in a furry special way!

George sent me to say HI




Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG you are too cute for words. I come by way of GEORGE THE LAD OR AKA, GEORGE THE GREAT, in my book! Welcome to blogland dear are darling! Anita

Mr. Pip said...

Oh yes, I know all about feline siblings - have a couple myself!

Your pal, Pip

sprinkles said...

I linked to you from George the Lad. I figured if he liked you, I would too!

Your kitty sister is pretty! I used to have a cat. He'd do the same thing to my chihauhau - walk up and smack him for no reason at all. But then again, my chi was a rowdy puppy who thought the world revolved around him so he probably deserved it for something he'd done earlier.

scotsmad said...

Hi, George sent us over. Good to meet you.

That cat (and what cat doesn't) looks like trouble! Good luck with that one.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Wyatt said...

Hi Chester!
Nice to meet you. George the Lad, sent me over. You are cute and fluffy and you have your own cat....pretty cool!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Chester!
Lola told us about your blog and I wanted to come and say hello!
I hope we can be friends!
Kisses and hugs

Lola said...

Is your sister a dilute tortie or a calico? It makes all the difference. I have a tortie sister and she whacks me from time to time, too. The difference is she doesn't seem to like doggies at all. I don't think.

lotsa licks, Lola

Zona said...

Hi Chester! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie! I'm your newest follower. Yay!

It's going to be fun getting to know you and your family.

I understand you've been warned about the crazy Puddles Duddles, so I'll skip that part of the welcome. Hehe...


Rose H (UK) said...

Hello Chester, and welcome to blogland! I'm George the Lad's Auntie - so I popped over to say 'Hi'. You look very cute :o)

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello Chester and welcome!!

We's furiends of Georges and we's stopping in to say hello!!

Nice to meet you and yous going to have lots of fun and meet lots of nice furiends!!

We see they tried to warn yous 'bout Puddles... just agree wits everyting she says... Snorts!!

IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man
& TriXie

road-dog-tales said...

Chester - That's nice of you to share your house with a kitteh. We don't have any here. A couple have wandered in our fenced yard, but when they get a whiff of us, for some reason - they take off like their tail's on fire! Go figure :)
PeeS - Nice to meet ya - we've been seeing your name mentioned all over blogville - WELCOME!
The Road Dogs

Doxie Rod said...

hi chester!

the queen looks very comfy in there! what a brave girl to do that to you! very nice of you to share all your great spots.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Chester
I am a friend of George.
I came to say hello and invite you to visit me,,, if you like mother natures and the sound of silence in our big earth.

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Congrats, Chester, on getting your mom to make you a blog. We're still waiting on ours. Saw you on Tank's blog, and just wanted to say welcome and we look forward to getting to know you. We're rescue dogs, too, so we're also lucky, grateful [mostly] pups.

Jed & Abby