Sunday, January 30, 2011


Thought I'd share with you, my dear furiends, one of my favorite pictures I've taken of late:
We were at the grandhumans house visiting Monte when this was taken btw. Allow me to break down just a few of the many reasons why this is such a fabulous moment caught on film:
1. Aunt Amy is obviously disturbed (mad).
2. I am obviously not in the picture, and so am obviously not the object of her disturbation.
3. Monte and Caroline are. (!) heheh
4. Monte looks like an evil alien on crack (and he was kind of acting like it)!
5. Caroline looks like a possessed abominable snowman.
6. I was sitting calmly on Ma's lap observing the fracas from afar and thus was lavishly praised for my goodness.
7. I truly savor moments like this - when I am atop (for however brief a time) the podium of "The Best Dog of the Family" award. :-)

Wags from (the angelic), --Chester

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chester vs. the Camera...

...and Chester wins! Gotcha Ma!

Here is the picture Ma was trying to snap on a recent car trip of Caroline looking all chute and everything (incidentally, do your humans say "chute" instead of  "cute"? I always kind thought Ma and Pa said that because it went better with Chester - you know: "Ch"ester the "Ch"ute? Anyway...moving on...) -

The picture that Ma wanted:
But this is the picture she got first! Just when she was about to hit the button, HA! Tricked her!
...and one more... Ha! Tricked you again Ma! Am I good or what?!
Just didn't want you to forget who your favorite pooch was :-)!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Tricks for You!

So Ma said she wanted to try and videotape some of my tricks - and I was all super excited! My 10 minutes of fame had arrived! My fur was trimmed, I was lookin' handsome, but then, as soon as that darn camera turned on, I got all shell-shocked and stuff! Kinda forgot my tricks that we had rehearsed, then Caroline decided to come in and steal the show and got me all even more flustered. Good grief! I wanted another take, but Ma said she didn't have the battery life for it. I really am smarter than this video makes me out to be. I promise. Please believe me! Ok, is that sounding desperate? I'll stop now. Annnnddddd....roll the tape!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Running for President!!!

Well, maybe not...but I (oh yeah, and Caroline too) AM entering for a chance to win the "Funniest Dog Photo" contest hosted by Wigzi, and YOU, my friend, can help by voting for us! This contest is being hosted on Facebook, and here are our entries:

"I think this qualifies as 'invading your privacy' "
Everybody loves a good belly laugh!
I may look like a cute, fluffy Bichon, but inside I'm really a ferocious beast!
Whichever picture gets the most "likes" wins a free ipad! So if you've got your own funny pet pics, link on up! But please take a minute to click HERE first and "like" Wigzi Pet Products. Then it will let you vote, so come back here and click on the photo(s) above that you would like to vote for, and then click "Like" beneath them once the Facebook page comes up. If one of the above photos REALLY makes you laugh, tell your friends and family, and have them vote for us too! Thank you so very much!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now it's MY turn...

Remember how I was all gloating about Caroline getting a bath and groom and not me?? Well, little did I know that my time was a' comin' - the very next day.-

BUT! Turns out, I was in for a special treat! Ma usually always does my grooming, and I like it that way - because Ma knows where I'm ticklish, and that I don't much like my bum trimmed, and she gives me lots of kisses along the way. But this time, she decided it was time for a professional trim since it had been so long since I've had one.- I have to say, I was a little nervous. Sometimes those pros don't treat me very gently (and I am a sensitive sort of guy). Ma assured me that Miss Cynthia was really nice though, and that she even has a Bichon of her very own! Best part of all? Miss Cynthia came right to our house for the groom.- She set up shop, and off we sailed to "puppy spa heaven"!
 I liked Miss Cynthia, so I gave her a kiss:
 All trimmed and handsome! Here's my profile shot - wait - MA! it looks like there's a bonie growing out of my nose! Did you do that on purpose??!
 ...and my lean full-body shot
 Fresh, clean, trimmed, and ready to conquer the world! (or de-pillow the couch - either one)
I think I could get used to this doggy-spa at home treatment! If any of you are local, just look up Pet-a-coat Dog Grooming for a good time!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caroline's Bath

Hi furiends! I know I've been absent for awhile, and I'm so sorry! Just been up to too much mischief lately! Plus Ma's camera battery has been dead and so she hasn't been able to document our exciting pooch lives as much as usual. BUT, I'm back for now - hope you haven't missed me too awful much...

So for my post today, I thought I'd share little ol' Miss Fluffy Paws' recent bath (along with the fact that she's been de-fluffed) Here she is in all her shivering, wet glory. I watched from the sidelines in delight that it wasn't ME that Ma was giving a bath to. I really wanted to "ha, ha, ha" her, but Ma gave me that look. So I just snickered inside:

Hello Fluffness!
Now, off it comes! I told her that it was kind of fun to eat your fur when Ma shaves it off - it gets Ma all in a tizzy - so she tried it!
Lil' naked Caroline.
Ma dearest and the newly groomed C - I told Ma she gave Carol a "Westie" cut, but Ma said it was because Carol just didn't have any curls or full ears yet. I think C needs a tee shirt that says "Yes! I AM a Bichon" until her curls come. Just so everybody knows...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Front Page News!

Caroline is starting to grow some fluff! She might be able to call herself a Bichon after all. :-) Lookie thar!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trying to stay warm...

It has been cccoooolllldddd here where we live furiends! We've been in our sweaters a LOT, and Ma has been letting our fur grow out for some protection - but long fur means we have to get brushed more often. Boo. Anyway, we try to snuggle up whenever we can to keep warm:
To make matters worse, in order to save on electricity, Ma and Pa turn the heat WAY down at night, and our houses are near a door too. But, Ma has been giving us some extra blankets and tucking us in every night to make up for it, and I have to say, it makes it a lot more bearable. I'm all for cozy. Here we are all ready for a warm winters sleep:
Night night!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sleepover Time!

One night while Ma was taking an exceptionally long time getting Caroline's bed made for sleepytime, she got tired of waiting, and decided to come over to my house for a sleepover. It's already a bit of a tight fit for the two of us, and Caroline keeps getting bigger and bigger...soon she won't be able to fit in my house at all! But I told her we could visit together in her cathedral's much roomier. Not that I'm bitter.~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm baaacckkkkk!

Hellooo world! Did you think that I fell off the planet? Well, I've just been really busy with Christmas and New Years and stuff lately: You know, playing with my new toys, melting my tail hairs and trying to steal marshmallows when Ma and Pa make s'mores in the fireplace (I haven't been successful yet, but I'll keep you posted...). So did you see my lovely stocking bursting with doggy goodness? ^ Here I am working on unwrapping a toy. I'm very civilized about it you know and use my paw - none of that tearing in and eating the paper for me...
Here's Carol with one of our new liver sticks. She wanted to try it out right away, even before all the gifts were unwrapped!
I got a new jacket for Christmas. I've been asking Ma for corduroy (because I think it's pretty cool-not too froo-froo), and guess what?! She got me a really great khaki one - I look good in khaki. See?
It even has pocket so I can take a bonie with me on a walk or something. Nice feature. Carol got a wintery sweater in pink (of course). It's her favorite color. Here she is modeling it:
...actually I think she was still chewing that liver stick and Ma took a picture of her while she was still. Doesn't really know how to "pose" yet. (heh heh) She was reeeeaal bad over Christmas btw. I think her behavior earned me some brownie points by default. Ma will probably be mad when she sees that I was bragging on here (was that bragging? more like tattling)...she told me I'm not allowed to. Whoops! Better run for now! See you again soon tho!
What did you guys get for Christmas?